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7Rivers and New Resources Consulting Announce Partnership to Serve Rapidly Growing AI Market

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Milwaukee business leaders partner to bring innovative AI solutions to clients

MILWAUKEE7Rivers, a pioneering tech company specializing in data modernization and artificial intelligence (AI), has formed a strategic partnership with New Resources Consulting (NRC), Wisconsin’s leading IT and technology consulting firm. This alliance unites two local innovators, broadening their capabilities to deliver impactful business solutions to their clients. Both companies are headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

7Rivers, recognized for its ability to turn data into dynamic business solutions through AI, aligns perfectly with NRC’s reputation as a leader in equipping businesses with cutting-edge technologies.

“This new partnership comes with many great advantages for both our current and future customers. Now our clients can access a wider array of services and expertise from a single partnership,” said Paul Stillmank, Founder and CEO of 7Rivers. “We are entering a new age of business possibilities and this partnership allows us to deliver more value to the market faster with 7Rivers’ focus on data modernization, AI enablement, and Data-NativeTM applications, combined with NRC’s expertise in managed services, enterprise software solutions, application development, and project management.”

Mark Grosskopf, President and CEO of NRC, who recently joined 7Rivers’ Board of Directors, brings extensive experience in management and IT consulting to further strengthen the growth and development of 7Rivers as it builds its client portfolio and capabilities. With his background as an investor in Paul’s first company, 7Summits, Grosskopf is committed to and confident in the 7Rivers’ business model and how this partnership will enhance client outcomes.

“This collaboration promises innovative, data-driven solutions tailored to specific client needs,” said Grosskopf. “Clients benefit from both the partnership’s expanded market reach and combined resource strength, affording a more comprehensive range of services, from data analytics and machine learning to customized technology strategies and talent incubation.”

About 7Rivers

7Rivers, headquartered in Milwaukee, champions remote working, encouraging its team of engineers and innovators to develop trailblazing solutions that streamline business operations and open new revenue avenues, leading companies toward a future augmented by intelligence. 7Rivers leads businesses through the intricacies of digital transformation in an ever-changing corporate landscape. As a Snowflake® Partner, the company is inspired by nature and the limitless potential of machine learning and AI, guiding leaders to harness data’s value for unparalleled success. Discover more at 7Riversinc.com.

About New Resources Consulting

New Resources Consulting (NRC) is a well-established IT consulting firm headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, renowned for its expertise in leveraging technology to enhance organizational performance. At NRC, the mantra is “Improvement Through Technology.” Dedicated to elevating industry standards and client experiences, NRC offers bespoke technology solutions that foster limitless growth. Understanding clients’ businesses, people, tools, and needs is key to delivering tailor-made technology strategies. Explore NRC’s services at newresources.com.

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