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7Rivers Helps You Navigate Your Organization’s Data to Unlock Digital Innovation

We’re all surrounded by rivers of flowing data. Some is created by your business, some is received, and some exists on the periphery of your organization. All this information is powerful on its own. But with the gravitational shift caused by the onset of large language models and AI computational power, the rivers of data are flowing toward new frontiers of enterprise value. Is your company prepared for its data modernization and AI journey?

7Rivers helps organizations identify the value in their data and modernize it to compete in the new world of large language models and AI enabled enterprises.

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Getting Underway

Every successful journey requires a great plan and a knowledgeable guide. With 7Rivers guiding the way, you can embark on your journey with courage and confidence. We collaborate with you to define and implement a sustainable, scalable data strategy. Our business modernization workshops start with your business objectives and then develop technology-related objectives and strategies focused on data-driven innovation, automation, and fresh ideas to take your business forward. This integrated approach blends business and technical aspects to create actionable outcomes, ensuring you have the right plan for successful delivery of your business, data, and AI enablement goals.

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Transformation Journey

Let’s go! With preparations complete, we’re ready to paddle towards your goals. With a clear plan and series of actionable steps for your organization, we continue on the journey with confidence. Whether it’s assessing your data management approach, implementing Snowflake, or building Data NativeTM applications that allow you to work more efficiently and provide better experiences for your customers, our experts can help navigate uncharted waters.

  • Foundation: Data Strategy & Architecture; Data & Analytics Strategy; Data Migration and Implementation; Data Engineering; Data Governance
  • Insights: Process Mining & Mapping; Data Analytics, Insights & Visualization; Advanced Analytics; Resulting Identification of High-value Use Cases
  • Actions: Intelligent Experiences, Enterprise LLMs, AI-infused Apps, Data NativeTM Applications, Data Collaborations
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Smooth Sailing

Need a rest? We offer a series of services to help manage your data, update your analytics visualizations, provide expert guidance on the Snowflake platform, maintain custom-built Data NativeTM applications, tune large language models, and assist in machine learning exercises. Our goal is to help you mature on your journey by enhancing the operations that keep your data flowing.

Find out more about how 7Rivers can guide your business to unlocking digital innovation.

7Rivers Starter Services

If you’re not sure where to begin, don’t worry. We’re here to help you understand the best route for your enterprise. Explore our starter services to learn more about what might be right for your organization.

Business Modernization Workshop

Our process starts by identifying your overall business goals and then creating specific strategies to meet your business and audience objectives. Our Strategic Framework for Business Modernization guides you towards creating the data and AI solutions you need to capitalize on market opportunities and drive business innovation. During our workshops, we’ll partner with your team to:

  • Align on your company goals and enterprise business objectives
  • Define your business operating objectives, data flows and audience usage areas anchored to your company goals
  • Assess organizational requirements and change implications, using best of breed technologies, driving speed to value
  • Set a plan for deployment and execution, inclusive of the change management considerations and value case measures
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A man presenting to a group of people an introduction to Snowflake and Streamlit services and how it can benefit their companies goals and objectives.

Intro to Snowflake and Streamlit

In a digital world, our “Introduction to Snowflake and Streamlit” service is an essential stepping stone in your business’s transformative journey towards becoming an AI-enabled organization.

During a focused period, we empower up to 10 participants in your organization with a deeper understanding of two foundational technologies:

  • Snowflake: A powerful and scalable cloud data warehousing platform
  • Streamlit: An intuitive and economically efficient alternative to Tableau and PowerBI, that simplifies data analysis and reporting

We guide your organization in harnessing the potential of data as a decision-making tool by unlocking the capabilities of Snowflake and Streamlit. Your team will learn how these platforms are critical for creating a path to leveraging AI for data monetization. Our training emphasizes the role of these tools not just as technical assets but as strategic elements in driving AI-based business transformations.

Data NativeTM Technical Strategy & Roadmap

Today, your business possesses vast amounts of data that can revolutionize operations, unlock new revenue streams, and allow you to venture into new markets. Modern Data platforms, such as Snowflake, enable companies to leverage their data and use it in new and revolutionary ways, such as data monetization, real-time & predictive analytics, and generative AI applications, all of which are now readily available. However, to realize value from these innovations, it’s essential to have the right platforms, tools, and expertise. Our “Data Native” framework guides you in building a robust foundation for this modern data era. Together, we’ll help you establish a blueprint and roadmap to a robust data ecosystem and capability that aligns with your current business goals and positions you to explore new and innovative opportunities.

7Rivers will partner closely with your team to design your organization’s Data Native architecture and help establish your Company’s data identity. We’ll develop an overall data strategy and architecture required to enable you to realize the desired Business outcomes. Through facilitated workshops, interviews, documentation review, and whiteboarding sessions, we will:

  • Capture current state understanding of company goals, business objectives & imperatives, and KPIs
  • Inventory existing data and analytics environment, tools, integrations, and operating models
  • Create an updated data capability operating model and services portfolio
  • Develop future state data architecture and Data Native roadmap, with prioritized initiatives, areas of business value defined and mapped, and ROI considerations
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Two people reviewing the findings from an AI readiness assessment from 7Rivers.

AI-Readiness Assessment

As AI becomes increasingly dominant, integrating AI-enabled business processes is a strategic imperative for progressive organizations. We offer an in-depth assessment to measure the potential impact of AI on various dimensions of your organization such as operational efficiency and revenue generation. We also focus on data monetization, helping you extract maximum value from your data assets.

Our AI-Readiness Assessment includes:

  • A thorough evaluation of your business operations: We analyze your workflows and data infrastructure, singling out key areas ripe for AI enhancement. This process also encompasses data modernization, identifying options for preparing your data environment for more sophisticated applications.
  • Practical demos and interactive workshops: Get hands-on experience with AI’s transformative potential.
  • An in-depth AI-Readiness report: A comprehensive document that delivers a clear picture of your organization’s readiness for AI adoption, showcasing potential AI use cases, estimated expenses, and anticipated benefits.
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7Rivers is a Snowflake® Innovation Partner

Snowflake is a powerful cloud data and applications platform dedicated to mobilizing the world’s data. As a Snowflake Partner, 7Rivers can tap into their technology and use it to build innovative, custom solutions for clients that have a real impact on their businesses.

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