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7Rivers is a Proud Snowflake® Partner

Snowflake is the leading cloud data platform enabling organizations to store, process, and analyze vast amounts of data in real-time. Snowflake has revolutionized the data landscape by mobilizing data that was once trapped within the confines of an organization, enabling companies to finally make it broadly accessible across teams, business units, and the enterprise, to drive more business value.

Realize the Promise of Data Accessibility

Snowflake has evolved from being the leading data cloud platform, to the leading data, apps, and AI collaboration platform. As a Snowflake partner, 7Rivers is leading the way on use case-driven value creation by leveraging the full capabilities Snowflake offers. We help companies explore their own data identity and create new business opportunities using their own data and assets to deliver:

  • Intelligent experiences
  • AI-infused applications
  • Data collaborations
  • Data NativeTM applications
  • Enterprise Large Language Models (LLMs) 

We have partnered with Snowflake to help our clients realize the promise of data accessibility while enabling deeper, more transformative innovations.

7Rivers can help you navigate the Snowflake platform to maximize your investment:

  • Migrating data to the cloud efficiently and securely
  • Setting up new pipelines to ensure your data sets remain current and up-to-date
  • Developing data-native applications using AI and Streamlit
  • Designing and building new Intelligent Enterprise applications right on top of your data, with Container Services
  • Building modern data structures to enable next generation data warehouses, and increase speed-to-value with your next migration
  • Increasing speed-to-data monetization and collaborations
  • Developing your company’s Data Identity to:
    • Identify and build new data monetization opportunities
    • Improve services with data-driven insights
    • Create AI-infused apps
  • Enabling Intelligent Experiences for your customers, partners and employees, by combining your data with LLM’s and the latest AI technologies
  • Driving improved data collaboration and enrichment with 3rd-party data

Let 7Rivers help your organization monetize your data landscape with one of our SnowPro Certified experts and Consulting Specialists.

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Getting Underway

Every successful journey requires a great plan and a knowledgeable guide. With 7Rivers guiding the way, you can embark on your journey with courage and confidence. We collaborate with you to define and implement a sustainable, scalable data strategy. Our workshops cover internal and external data usage, data monetization, building and defining your Data Identity, and AI enablement strategies. This integrated approach blends business and technical aspects to create actionable plans, ensuring you have the right plan for successful delivery of your business, data, and AI enablement goals.
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Transformation Journey

Let’s go! With preparations complete, we’re ready to paddle towards your goals. With a clear plan and series of actionable steps for your organization, we continue on the journey with confidence. Whether it’s altering your data management approach, implementing Snowflake, or building Data NativeTM applications that allow you to work more efficiently and provide better experiences for your customers, our experts can help navigate uncharted waters.
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Smooth Sailing

Need a rest? We offer a series of services to help manage your data, update your analytics visualizations, provide expert guidance on the Snowflake platform, maintain custom-built Data NativeTM applications, tune large language models, and assist in machine learning exercises. Our goal is to help you mature on your journey by enhancing the operations that keep your data flowing.

Unlocking Data Innovation with 7Rivers

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Find out how 7Rivers can help you take advantage of Snowflake and Streamlit, and learn why Snowflake is the leading platform fueling the AI revolution.

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