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We Guide Business Through Uncharted Technology

Exploring the potential new technology brings to businesses is exhilarating. We dive in, test paths, and discover how to use data modernization and artificial intelligence to unlock real business value for our clients in ways that go beyond data migration. We’re here to lead you to new possibilities at the confluence of ideas, strategy, and data, so by the time the rest of your industry is ready to dip a toe in you’re already sailing ahead.

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7Rivers is a Snowflake® Innovation Partner

Snowflake is a powerful cloud data and applications platform dedicated to mobilizing the world’s data. As a Snowflake Partner, 7Rivers can tap into their technology and use it to build innovative, custom solutions for clients that have a real impact on their businesses.

Leadership Team & Board

7Rivers is a team of engineers, explorers, and innovators with a long track record of success.


Paul Stillmank headshot

Paul Stillmank

Founder & CEO

Ben Kerford Headshot

Ben Kerford


John Price Headshot

John Price

Partner, Service Delivery

Joe Fortino headshot

Joe Fortino

Partner, Business Development & Alliances

Michelle Hicks Headshot

Michelle Hicks

Partner, Finance

Ken Rheingans headshot

Ken Rheingans

Partner, Technology Innovation

Rob Toro headshot

Rob Toro

Partner, Data & Artificial Intelligence


Paul Stillmank headshot

Paul Stillmank

Chairman & CEO

Rich Troksa headshot

Rich Troksa

Board Director

Joe Ludtke headshot

Joe Luedtke

Board Director

Mark Grosskopf

Board Director

Gary Frings

Board Director

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Ben Kerford Headshot

Ben Kerford


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